It's Montessori Education Week!

Welcome to Montessori Education Week! I love this time of year as we head toward spring and a new school year. There is opportunity for families to re-enroll for another wonderful school year, new families to enroll for their first wonderful school year and a chance to explain a bit more about this fabulous philosophy.

Why Montessori? Why not! This philosophy centers on your child, their abilities and capabilities.. It focuses on independence, problem solving, respect and a life-long love of learning. Whether your child is an infant, toddler, preschooler or kindergartener, this environment is a multi-faceted approach to their positive growth and over all development.

Though we at Montessori Beginnings are partial to “Montessori”, it does not solve all of the challenges that occur with children. The article below,, “How to Get Your Child to Listen”, was submitted by one of our teachers and it offers some powerful suggestions on getting your child (ren) to listen. Thank you to for this insightful article and the wealth of information on the website! Hope you enjoy -