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June 26: Annual Family Ice Cream Social 3-4 PM. School closes at 3.

June 27: School closed for summer program preparation

June 30 - July 4 Closed - Break

July 7th: Summer program begins







Welcome to Montessori Beginnings School! 

Take a snapshot of a typical day at Montessori Beginnings and you can't help but notice active minds at work!  You'll see children working in a prepared Montessori environment, using Montessori methods as well as interacting with stimulating, hands-on learning materials.There is art and sharing, moving and laughing, sorting and stacking.  You'll see work with water and songs, brushes and books, puzzles and paint, and more. Students are encouraged to develop their knowledge from concrete to abstract. Although it may look like fun, you're actually seeing something else as well...learning.

We thank you for your interest in our school. While this website only gives a glimpse into the Montessori philosophy and our school, we invite you to come see for yourself what an invigorating and unique community we have. You'll also see that the materials and environment Maria Montessori designed over one hundred years ago support every aspect of the current STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curriculum. 

Visitors will be welcomed by a supportive and nurturing staff  in a warm and mutually respectful learning environment!

We encourage you to come visit Montessori Beginnings School and see what learning is all about - "Freedom within Limits."