Here We Go Again!

Has it been since June that I posted!? What a summer! Never have I seen so many water logged children. From slip and slides, water pads to our annual Mud Run, we spish-splashed our way through summer. Of course there was the usual climbing, digging, laughing, running, swinging etc…There was much to explore outside and plenty of balance between play and work inside too.

Summer was a relaxing time to re-charge, try new things and have some warm weather fun before fall and winter come around. So here we are, knocking on fall’s door, waiting to welcome “Old Man Winter”! We will still be just as busy. There will be many new materials, lessons and routines to work with. New friends and their families have joined us, ready for a whole new year of joy filled and joyful days.

I speak for all of the team her at MBS when I say we are so excited for this school year. The potential and talent the children are showing is a testament to the love and support their families are giving.

So here’s to another glorious year! May we have more triumph than tragedy, laughter than let downs and a lot more positives the pit falls.

All the best-

Kathy, Jen, Gretchen, Jennifer, Stephanie, Mindy, Shaunna, Amelia