Welcome to our Donation's Wishlist page ! 

At Montessori Beginnings, we strive to give children all of the things we need for daily living and fun. Since we are a small, independent school, we sometimes need a little extra help from supporters. It takes a special community and well, a special list of items.  Below you will find a list of household items needed for the school. Many can be found hiding in your yard, shed or even your kitchen cabinets.  

Before you put something in your garage sale pile, have a look below. In addition you will find some specific "Wishlist items" we are looking to add to our certified Nature Explore play space.  Not only will your physical donations will be graciously accepted, but you have a unique opportunity to invest in the community’s future by supporting education.

If you need clarification or are able to donate any of the below items, please contact Kathy Raymond at info@montessoribeginnings.com or call on 508.477.7730. Thank you!

nature explore.jpg


  • Small dingy & life preserver
  • Bricks or pavers
  • Shells
  • Pine Cones
  • 10" - 12" tree cookies (3" - 4" thickcut logs)
  • Climbing vines (to plant along a trellis)
  • Simple wood arbor
  • Rubber Swing Mats and Chain Protectors
  • Large wooden utensils (spoons, forks)
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Donate your Christmas tree
  • Bags of brown mulch
  • Potted flowers or vines for our windowboxes



**Please click on the above items to be redirected to the correlating Nature Explore Sourcebook page.  Here you may directly order products which can then be shipped to our school at:     180 Farmersville Rd.  Sandwich, MA 02563**

Thank you for helping support our school!