2016-2017 Calendar of Events:

Sep 12                        Wed – (9:00-10:00A)               Grand 'Person' Day Meet Up/PrePrimary (Snack & Songs)     

Sep 16                          Wed – (6:30-7:30)                    Back to School Night (visit the class, play space and meet teachers)

Sep 21                          Mon                                         World (“Whirled”) Peace Day-Pinwheel Peace Observance

Oct 1 – Oct 16              Thu - Fri                                  Montessori Services’ Order Period

Oct                               To Be Announced                    “Fall Formals” Photographs

Oct 16                           Fri                                            Montessori Services Final Orders Due

Oct 17                           Sat (11:00 – 1:00)                     Fall Festival/Open House

Oct 20 & 21                   Tue & Wed                               Posting Fall Conference Sign Up Forms    

Dec 10                           Sat (4:00-7:00 PM)                   Childcare Night (Info. To Follow)

Dec 17                           Sat (2:00 - 3:00)                         Pre Primary Students Holiday Sing a Long at the Pavilion

Jan 18                            Wed (5:45-7:00)                         Pre Primary Family/Child Pot-Luck Supper/Science Night

Feb 27 to Mar 3              Mon – Fri                                 Montessori Education Week (Check out our Face Book page) 

Mar 1                              Wed (6:00-7:30)                        Pre Primary Family Night: Children’s Work:Presentations 

Mar 1                              Thu (6:00-7:00)                         Toddler Family Night: Children’s Work- Presentations

Mar 1 - 2                         Mon - Tues                               Fall Registration Forms Come Home (Due March 20th) 

Apr                                  To Be Announced                    “Montessori Works” Photos

Apr 6 - 7                        Thurs & Fri                               Annual St. Jude Trike - A – Thon

Apr 24 & 25                      Mon & Tue                               Posting Spring Conference Sign Up Forms       

Apr 29                              Sat (9:30-2:30)                          Spring Faculty/Family Volunteer Day

May 13                         Sat (10:30-12:00 PM)                Annual Student Art Show/Silent Auction

May 13                           Sat (12:30-2:00 PM)                  Open House Event

June 12 - 13                    Thu – Fri (Due 6/17)                Student update paperwork sent home

June 11                           Sat                                             Pre Primary End of Year Event

June 19                          Mon                                            Full tuition Due for Early Pay discount or ½ September tuition due 

June 29                        Thu (3:00-4:00)                          Ice Cream Social (we close at 3:00pm)

Aug 14                            Friday                                       Second ½ of Septembers tuition due

*An occasional change to the calendar may be necessary. Advance notice via email and classroom postings will be utilized. 


2016-2017 Calendar of Closings:


Sep 1 & 2                          Thu & Fri                                 Teacher Prep

Sep 7                                 Mon                                         Labor Day

Oct 10                       Fri                                             Columbus Day

Oct 24                       Mon                                          Fall Conferences (8:30-6:00P)

Nov 8                        Tue                                           All Cape Cod Professional Day

Nov 11                             Fri                                          Veteran’s Day

Nov 24 & 25              Thu & Fri                                 Thanksgiving Holiday

Dec 24 – Jan 2           Sat - Mon                                 Winter Break

 Jan 16                       Mon                                         Martin Luther King Day

Feb 20                       Mon                                          President's Day

Mar 16                      Thu                                           In-Service/Montessori Observation

Apr 17 - 21                Mon - Fri                                 Spring Break

May 16                      Thu                                          Spring Conferences (8:30AM-6PM)

May 29                      Mon                                         Memorial Day

June 29                     Thu                                          Close 3:00PM  (Ice Cream Social)

June 30                     Fri                                            In-Service (Summer Program Prep)

July 3 - 7                  Mon - Fri                                  Summer Break

Aug 11                            Fri                                            Professional Development

August 31/                     Wed                                          Close - 12:30/Teacher Prep/Planning

Sep 1 & 2                        Thu & Fri                                 Classroom Conversion/Teacher Prep

Sep 5                               Mon                                          Labor Day

*An occasional change to the calendar may be necessary. Advance notice via email and classroom postings will be utilized.


Box Tops for Education: Submitted twice per year and are available on a multitude of products you purchase. Please donate and leave Box Tops in the Tuition drop box located in your child’s classroom-Thank you! If you are a family member interested in helping process Box Tops, please contact Jen Curtis.

Scholastic Book Orders:  Due by the first Tuesday of the Month. Please leave your order in the marked envelope in your child’s classroom or even easier-you can now order online. Your orders help us obtain books for each classroom. 

Montessori Services: (www.montessoriservices.com) this event allows you to provide child-friendly Montessori inspired products for your child at home. A voucher based on sales allows us to replenish works and materials (especially pitchers) in our classrooms.

Photos  of your children doing Montessori school works (spring) and formals (fall) will be taken and offered for sale.

“Courtesy and Grace”  We ask Pre Primary children to bring a lunch they help prepare, to enjoy with friends Monday through Thursday. Lunch is provided Friday.  Lunch is provided Monday through Friday for our Toddler classrooms. Snacks are provided daily for our toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners.  

*Lessons such as rug rolling, pushing in a chair, putting a work away, mealtime manners etc... give the vocabulary, actions, and sense of routine required to build awareness and responsiveness of those around them (“Sense of Community”). 


You are a vital part of your child's educational experience at Montessori Beginnings School! Please use your time and talents to help strengthen our school community! We need volunteers to: 

•    Help organize special events (last year’s Faculty/Family Volunteer Day was a big success)

•    Organize and/or Participate in our Annual Family/Faculty Volunteer Day (each April) to help maintain the school

•    Share a talent or skill with the children. Maybe you juggle, garden or play the guitar….

•    Maybe you have a skill that could help the school (painting, home repair, wood working)

•    Help with fundraising or the MBS School Family Group

•    Make copies for teachers

•    Become a Pre Primary room volunteer

•    All teachers have suggestions or needs and will be glad to share ways you may help. 

Thank you for your support! We would not be celebrating 13 years without your trust.  We look forward to seeing you!